Mandarin Learners Club



Mandarin Learners Club is a club that brings together those learning to speak Mandarin with others and discuss learning strategies and tips & tricks!



Room format examples:

[Beginner] Pinyin/拼音

[Intermediate] Introductions/自我介绍

[Advanced] Favorite snacks/最爱吃的零食

[Native] Cultural perspectives/文化视觉

Feel free to start rooms with relevant topics and ask questions!

Helpful learning aids:


HelloTalk, Tandem, Duolingo, Pleko, iTalki.


Learn Taiwanese Mandarin, Chill Chinese, 大人的 Small Talk,罗辑思维(by罗振宇)



Notice: Due to a large influx of new followers recently, it’s been hard to keep pace when with adding new people to the club. To help expedite joining the Mandarin Learners Club, please follow an admin who can add you or request someone you follow who is already a member to nominate you. Thanks!